During 2020 the Centennial Renovation Project has been making progress.

In January we outlined the plans for the building at several meetings in the Hall .

In April our architects, C2JArchitects, submitted the plans to BCBC for planning approval. Due to the understandable re-allocating of BCBC resources the planning process was delayed but we received “Conditional Consent” to proceed in November. This means that we need to supply further details about how we will deal with surface and waste water from the building. This is being done and we don’t expect any difficulties meeting the necessary requirements.


Plans have also been submitted for redesigning the parking area to the right of the building and we await the result of the Planning Committee. To see the proposed design click on the link below:

Car Park Plan – Dec 2020

We hope to include electric vehicle charging points in the future so we are preparing for that in the plan.

The plan shows steps to the roadside pavement but there will be flat disabled access along the right side of the building from the car park.

During the last quarter of 2020 we have been busy. We appointed a Quantity Surveyor/Project Manager, Mr Gareth Jones, who is driving the project forward. He has organised the specialist surveys required so that he can put together a Tender Document which details the work required. This will be sent to interested developers in January 2021. It will also provide information for our funding application. Unless you are familiar with the building industry, you would not believe the variety of specialist involved including:

  • the bat survey which proved that, thankfully, we do not have bats in the roof,
  • the CCTV waste pipelines survey, which took most of the day in the pouring rain,
  • structural survey, checking on the roof, walls and floors
  • mechanical and electrical designs,
  • car park topographical survey and design to reduce the severe slope to the roadside pavement,
  • the audio visual survey to ensure we have the capacity for new stage lighting, microphones/speakers, T-Loops and film/slide projection,
  • the building heating/insulation survey, 
  • and so on and on and on ….. 

We are learning as we go and are grateful to have Gareth at the helm for this phase of the work.


The schedule we are working to will enable us to submit our application for funding towards the end of February 2021. We should have a decision by June/July 2021. If we are successful we will look to start the works as soon as possible after that. 2022 is our centennial year and we are on track to organise a number of special events to celebrate the 100 years life of the Williams Memorial Hall.







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