Williams Memorial Hall Minutes May 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of the Trustees of the Williams Memorial Hall

Held at the Council Meeting Room, Coychurch

On Tuesday 14th May 2019

The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 8.39pm.

Present: Penelope Gwilliam (Chairman), Philip Davies, Jayne Brace, Kate Lloyd and Mabyn Thomas (Hall Manager).

  1. Apologies for Absence

         Robert Hyde (family commitment), Helen Evans (abroad)

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

          The minutes from the meeting on 9th April 2019 having been previously circulated were proposed, seconded and then signed by the Chairman.

  1. Discussion of business relating to the Williams Memorial Hall

  1. Cleaner rate of pay – this is currently £6.00 per visit. I recommend that we change the rate to the Wales living wage of £8.80 and I set in place a structured cleaning programme to include washing down the door/window frames and skirting boards as well as the floors.
  1. Repairs: Bob has adjusted the cupboard door in the OBR to open/close more freely, and has repaired, refitted and painted the boxing over the water pipes (RH) in the Hall.

          A new water heater was fitted in the men’s toilet when the original failed (PBM) and Bob has re-tiled the splash-back with spare tiles found under the stage.

          Tiles were refitted on the roofs following notification by BCBC Building Control department that they were a safety issue (PBM).

  1. The roof leak into the storeroom has been temporarily fixed at no cost by Axis Roofing.
  2. The flat roof over the porch is now also leaking.
  3. Quotes for renewing the flat roofs are being obtained.
  1. Fire and Safety Department are happy that if we have complied with the Chubb report from 2018 then the WMH will easily surpass the requirements of the fire regulations. New Fire Procedure notices have been put up in the Hall, the OBR and the kitchen.
  1. Veolia contract will change from June. Fortnightly alternating collections of general waste and dry recycling for card, plastic bottles and containers, drinks cans. Internal recycling bins are needed – see agenda item
  1. Hall Hire Fees

         Tots Play. 2nd payment of £50.00 was paid in April and Karate payments are up to date.

  1. Boiler – following unsuccessful visits by one gas engineer to solve the problem of the water pressure, another has managed to sort this out.
  1. Electrics – the front wall high level external electricity socket box cover has broken off in the high wind. Power sockets are now open to the elements. Plug switched off at the lower socket outside and the plug feeding the power to the external sockets has been taken out of the socket in the Hall to isolate the cabling from the rest of the Hall electrics.

         Inside sockets on the road facing wall of the Hall – ends of the metal conduits still to be made safe. Bob has a contact with an electrician and will obtain a quote for                       repairs/corrections.

  1. Kitchen cupboards – Bob has locks that are to be fitted on the double cupboard for the Hardy Plant Society.
  1. A resident has responded to a request for DIY skilled helpers to do odd jobs around the hall. This will save on expensive visits by maintenance companies.
  1. Recycling bin and bags for the Kitchen

          The clerk has looked into suitable bins for in the kitchen/hall. Costs vary considerably from £15 to £75 per bin. Veolia will provide a bin and 3 rolls of the clear bags                      required for recycling going into the new collection bin for £80 to get us started. This was agreed by the Trustees.

  1. Discuss the Lottery Application and forming of a Fundraising Team

          It was felt that this merited more time than was available so a meeting to discuss these items was arranged for 5th June 2019 at 7pm in the Council Office. Clerk to email            the lottery application for the committee to review prior to the meeting.

  1. Financial Report for Year End march 2019

          The Accounts have now been balanced and these were approved by the committee and signed by the Chairman.

  1. Payment of Accounts

          The payment of accounts for April/May was reviewed and agreed, then signed by the chairman.

  1. To deal with any matters brought forward by members.

  1. There was concern expressed about the caterer not being available for the concert on 8th June. Kate Lloyd would make enquiries at “Dicky Donuts” re costs and variety of buffet items they could provide.

  1. Ceri Dupri has offered 3 dates to the committee for a fundraising event. These dates were considered too close the concerts already booked on June 8 and October 5th  2019.

  1. Raffle prizes can be brought to Mabyn for storing in the office if required.

8. Date of the next full meeting will be on June 11th 2019, following the council meeting.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 9.21pm


These minutes were approved at the next meting on 11th June. Signed copy available to view at the Council Office, Williams Memorial Hall, Coychurch by appointment.

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