Williams Memorial Hall Minutes April 2019

Minutes of the Meeting of the Trustees of the Williams Memorial Hall

Held at the Council Meeting Room, Coychurch

On Tuesday 9th April 2019

The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 8.00pm.

Present: Helen Evans (Chairman), Jayne Brace, Robert Hyde, Penelope Gwilliam and Mabyn Thomas (Hall Manager).

  1. Apologies for Absence

          Richard Smith (work commitments), Philip Davies (charity bike ride)

  1. Minutes of previous meeting           

          The minutes from the meeting on 9th March 2019 having been previously circulated were proposed, seconded and then signed by the Chairman.

  1. Discussion of business relating to the Williams Memorial Hall

  1. Repairs: Handle has been fitted to the fire door outside the kitchen, kitchen cupboards have been re-hung/adjusted.
  2. Repairs to do: Large store cupboard door in the small room needs altering; 2 front windows not closing properly, skirting/boxing on the right wall of the main hall has been displaced 3 times in 4 weeks and is broken apart again. Hall manager will investigate sloping skirting boards in an attempt to stop the repeated repairs required to the skirting/boxing in the main Hall.
  3. The Hall will be checked by a member from the fire service in the next couple of weeks.
  4. Clerk has contacted Veolia regarding changing our waste collection to include a recycling bin and possible nappy collection. A representative visited the Hall. Currently we have a weekly general waste collection. We can change to a fortnightly general waste collection alternating with a fortnightly dry recyclable waste collection for the same or slightly less cost. A separate operator would be needed for nappy collections. The committee agreed to trial the fortnightly collections and the clerk will investigate provision of recycling bins for the Hall/Kitchen and sanitary disposal bins in the ladies toilets.
  5. Utility Bills

          These are currently paid by cheque as invoices arrive. In principle would the Trustees like variable direct debits set up to take full payment automatically when the bill is                generated?  Alternative suppliers or bulk buying groups are being investigated but we are currently in fixed price contracts till 2020.

          The Trustees agreed to setting up variable direct debits to pay utility bills.

  1. Hall Hire Fees

          Further payments of arrears have been agreed and paid.

  1. Boiler – now requires topping up every other day. An engineer attended and boiler itself is not now leaking. Recommend that we have an independent full assessment of the system to identify the repairs needed, including leaking pipes, broken TRVs, etc. This was agreed by the Trustees.
  1. Electrics – the electricity sockets on the front of the building are not/do not close so are no weatherproof. A question has been raised about the lack of conduit for the white power cable fixed on the front of the building. Sockets on the inside of the front wall lack grommets at the end of the metal tubing. Clerk will arrange for inspection by a qualified electrician.
  1. Request from the Hardy Plant Society (monthly hiring,7 times a year). They want to buy a cupboard and put it somewhere to store their crockery, etc. In light of lack of space for more cupboards and as there is spare capacity in the kitchen I would like to fit the double cupboard to left end under the hatch with locks like those already present on the Cafe and WI cupboards, refit the shelf and let them use that. This was agreed by the committee.
  1. The Hall Manager will investigate the provision of recycling bins to be put in the Hall/kitchen and look into providing sanitary boxes in the ladies toilets.
  1. Grant Application process and works

          The chairman will provide a draft consolidating the responses for questions 1 – 4 of the Lottery Application and circulate it for review at the next meeting on Tuesday                  16th April at 6pm.

          A representative from BAVO (Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations) will be coming to look at the building on 10th April to see what assistance they can                        provide in the search for renovation funding.

  1. Payment of Accounts

          The payment of accounts for cheques 1883/1889 were reviewed. A total of £1.056.18 (cheques and Direct Debits). Acceptance was proposed, seconded and agreed                    unanimously then signed by the Chairman

  1. Financial Report for Year End march 2019

          The Accounts have not been completely reconciled and will be finalised for the next meeting in May.

  1. To deal with any matters brought forward by members.

  1. Penelope Gwilliam brought forward the subject of lighting for the Tribute Acts. The Chairman had quotations for fitting concert lighting in the Hall varying from £1055 to £1830 and these were all felt to be too high at the current time.

  1. Tickets for the Concert in June – “Luke as Freddie” are available. The Chairman will issue 20 to the artisan shop, 20 to the Over-50 Café, etc to allow for different groups to have access to tickets.

  1. There was discussion about how many concerts could be fitted in to 2019. The clerk will check the dates on the alcohol licence to see if the year is a calendar year or from the date of issue.

8. Date of the next meeting will be on May 14th, following the council meeting.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.40pm


Signed: ________________________________ Date ___________________


Signed original is available to view at the Williams Memorial Hall, Coychurch

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