Wildlife Garden in Coychurch Play Park


Thursday 29th October 2020, from 10am

Brian from Keep Wales Tidy met with Sue Richardson at the Play Park on 1st October to review the site for the wildlife garden. He put up the trellis, put the raised bed together and advised on the general layout and planting care.

We want to involve village families/children on Thursday October 29th from 10am in planting the bulbs, plants and possibly hedge saplings (if they have arrived by then).

Please contact Sue by email suerichardson500@hotmail.com if you want to help. She will allocate a time to each family so that social distancing can be maintained.

October/November 2020

We have been awarded trees and hedging saplings by the Woodlands Trust to put in the Play Park and local area. Provided that we have BCBC approval the grass will be cleared in October ready for the hedging saplings.

Once we have delivery dates we will let people know and arrange a planting schedule.

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