Williams Memorial Hall - Refurbishment Project

Centenary Committee

Renovation project

The centenary committee met with Connor James of Age Cymru to discuss his proposal for a collaboration.  The community can benefit from the services of Age Cymru in the future and in the meantime, the trustees can use Age Cymru’s skills and funding to obtain grants needed for the renovations.

After listening to the proposal, the committee voted unanimously to proceed to the next stage, which is to put together a joint partnership agreement which will provide the framework for working together.  As such two trustees are meeting with Connor on Tuesday 18 December to move this forward.  The hope and aim is that an agreement can be formalised by mid March, which is acceptable to the trustees of the hall and Age Cymru.

This will then mean that we can utilise the professional grant bid writers which should speed up the process and ensure success for our renovation project.

The committee continue to meet with regard to making a capital grant application as soon as possible.

Following our meeting with Age Cymru on 18 December 2018, we have agreed in outline how the collaboration will work and this will be presented to both boards of trustees once ready with the aim of working together.  In the meantime, Connor James of Age Cymru, will be actively seeking advice from his grant bid writers for a review of our proposition and the likelihood of success.

The aim is to completely refurbish the construction of the building including the roof and then reconfigure the internal space to offer a multifunction building with modern, accessible facilities for the community to use.  Age Cymru will look to enhance the existing services to utilise the hall more fully so that it regains it’s “heart of the community” and employ a full time manager to pro-actively improve communication, usage and services.