The Memorial Hall Coychurch Trust, which is a charity supported by and serving the people of Coychurch and surrounding areas, has been the victim of cyber fraud resulting in a significant loss of funds. This is currently under investigation and we want to assure people that the Williams Memorial Hall will continue to function as usual.
From this experience we have learnt some valuable lessons that we wish to share to help others not to be caught out in the same way. These criminals take no account of your status, whether a charity, a business or an individual.
1. This fraudster high-jacked the email account of one of our contractors and intercepted and replied to emails sent to them by continuing an already existing email conversation. If you set up your email so that past emails are not on the end of your reply no one can use the earlier emails in the conversation to convince you they are the real person.
2. If you receive an invoice by email contact the person using a phone number you already have (not the one on the invoice) to check the details before paying.
3. Don’t make decisions about money when you are tired or stressed.
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