Coychurch Lower Community Council has unanimously agreed to remove the outer fencing and poles from the ball court in Coychurch park. After taking professional advice and listening to the concerns of parents, it has been deemed unsuitable and potentially dangerous in its current state and for these reasons it will be completely removed.

The work to remove the equipment will begin on Friday 2 July and the play park will be closed to allow this to be done safely. Once completed the park will reopen but no ball games will be permitted as there is nowhere suitable. The playing field is available for anyone wishing to play ball games and provides a large open space with goal posts and pitch markings if needed.

The Community Council have already applied for grant funding to replace the ball court with a modern facility and will continue to pursue this as a matter of urgency. Once funding is available the Community Council will begin the work to erect the new ball court on the current site and ball games will once more be available in the park.

We understand the children who use this facility currently will be very disappointed but their safety has to be our first and only priority. As we cannot ensure this then we have no option but to remove the equipment until a safe, modern replacement can be provided.

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