Council Minutes May 2019

Coychurch Lower Community Council


8th May 2019, Council Meeting Room, Williams Memorial Hall

Present: Cllr Penelope Gwillian (Chair), Cllr Philip Davies, Cllr Jayne Brace, Cllr Kate Lloyd and the clerk, Mabyn Thomas

Also present: Cllr Elaine Venables

1814 Apologies for Absence: Cllr Robert Hyde (family commitment), Cllr Helen Evans (abroad)

1815 Declarations of personal, prejudicial and financial interest from Members/Officers in accordance with the Code of Conduct

There were no declarations.

1816 Ratification of the Minutes of the March Meeting

The minutes from the meeting on 9th April 2019 having been previously circulated were proposed, seconded, approved and then signed by the Chairman.

1817 Clerk’s Report

  1. The Defibrillator and Cabinet from Welsh Hearts for the Waterton Estate has been fitted.

  2. We are awaiting training dates for a Saturday afternoon from Welsh Hearts. There will be a group of people from Waterton wanting to attend.

  3. 1 planning application received. See Planning Report.

  4. Pampas – currently birds nesting in the pampas so now not able to progress till the autumn.

  5. Invitation received for the Chairman to attend the Mayoral Civic Celebration on 2nd June at Salem Chapel in Pencoed

  6. Email sent to John Rees about the rusting waste bins. He was on holiday and I have sent another now he has returned and await a response.

  7. Annual Allowance “Opt Out” forms received for completion by councillors and distributed at the meeting.

  8. Crime figures have been compiled from the police website. In future these will be 6 weeks in arrears. The clerk receives a notification when new data is published on the website and will produce the crime report from the data. See agenda item.

  9. Vat refund application for £1005.11 has been submitted for the Council Account

  10. Annual internal audit has been completed. See agenda item.

  11. Council Account application for on-line banking has been approved by the bank and the authentication card and reader to activate the online account have been received. See agenda item regarding the parameters for clerk activity online.

1818 To discuss the police report

The latest figures on the South Wales Police website are as follows:

February 2019 March 2019

All crime 17 17

Anti-social behaviour 2 0

Bicycle theft 0 0

Burglary 3 0

Criminal damage and arson 1 0

Drugs 2 4

Other crime 1 3

Other theft 1 0

Possession of weapons 0 0

Public order 1 0

Robbery 0 0

Shoplifting 2 0

Theft from the person 0 0

Vehicle crime 0 3

Violence and sexual offences 4 7

15 in Waterton/western retail parks areas, 2 on the eastern retail park, 0 in Coychurch village

It was noted that it is unfortunate that the violence and sexual offences are put together but it is the way the Home Office collects the statistics.

1819 Planning Report

1 new planning application received. One application from April has been granted conditional consent.



P/19/258/FUL – Physica Fitness Unit 18a Kingsway Buildings Kingsway Bridgend Industrial Estate CF31 3YH Proposal: Retention of change of use to personal training studio


A/19/10/ADV – Engenie Ltd, The Cherry Laurel Bank Buildings Access Road Bridgend Industrial Estate CF31 3RY. Signage associated with the electric vehicles charging points (Cond. Consent)

1820 Footpaths Report

A meeting between Cllr Davies, the clerk and Rebecca Brough from Ramblers Cymru to will take place on 15th May to obtain further details about what they can offer to support an initiative to increase the awareness and use of the local footpaths. This information will be shared with Councillors for discussion at the June Council Meeting.

Cllr Davies will follow up an outstanding issue with Network Rail (poor condition on wooden steps to the railway line crossing from Glenwood Close) and one with BCBC referencing Footpaths 13 and 8.

Cllr Davies advised that there was slight seasonal overgrowth but the paths around Coychurch Lower Ward are accessible.

1821 Vacancy on the Community Council

The period allowed for residents to request an election will end on 16th May 2019. Following this an advert will be displayed asking for volunteers to be co-opted onto the Council. The position will be advertised on Facebook, the Coychurch Lower Community Council website, on notice boards and in the Coychurch Chronicle. People interested should discuss the role with Councillors and submit a letter of interest to the Council via the Clerk.

1822 Annual Return

The clerk advised that the Internal Audit had been completed and the auditor had found all to be correct. The completed paperwork will now be sent to the Welsh audit office for the external audit required by the Welsh Assembly.

1823 Approve the Schedule of Payments for May

Payments for May 2019 were presented and discussed. It was decided to seek a reduction in the insurance premium by taking a 3-year plan with lower annual fee.

The clerk is to confirm that the Council needs to pay the Data Protection Fee.

Subject to these outcomes the schedule of payments was approved by the Council, to include annual office rent, clerk salary, fitting of the defibrillator in Waterton, Compost and plants for the planter in Manor Drive, Council annual insurances and the annual Data Protection Fee and re-issue of the donation cheque for the Friends of Llangrallo School. A total of £5,598.08

1824 Matters Brought Forward by the Public

Cllr Venables advised that she and the clerk had received an email asking about resurfacing work in the BCBC schedule for the coming year. She will be discussing with BCBC why some roads have been selected for micro-surfacing while others that appear in worse condition have not been included and will report back.

1825 Matters Brought Forward by Members

Cllr Davies asked if there was any further information on asset transfers, particularly in relation to the Play Park. The clerk will follow up.

The cycle path between Coychurch and Pencoed has a lay-by where the cycle path is not delineated and there is danger to cyclist riding too close to the hedge side not being seen by cars exiting the driveway. The clerk will arrange for someone from the Highways department to meet with Cllrs Davies and Brace on-site to discuss this issue an others.

It was noted that the stream is clogging up with weeds. The clerk will email Resources Wales to advise them of the situation.

The metal seating in the play park is deteriorating and rusty. The clerk will contact BCBC for action.

1826 Date of the Next Meeting

This will be on 11th June 2019 at 7.15pm in the Council Meeting Room

Meeting Closed at 8.37pm


Signed ___________________________________ Date _______________



These minutes were approved at the Council Meeting on 11th June 2019. The signed copy is available to view, by appointment, at the Council Office, Williams Memorial Hall, Coychurch

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