Council Minutes Mar 2019



12 March 2019

Council meeting room, Williams Memorial Hall

Present: Cllr Helen Evans – Chairman, Cllr Jayne Brace, Cllr Philip Davies, Cllr Robert Hyde

Clerk to the Council Mabyn Thomas.

Also present: Borough Cllr Elaine Venables

1780 Apologies for Absence

Cllr Richard Smith – work commitments

Cllr Penelope Gwilliam – holiday.

1781 Ratification of Minutes, Council Meeting 12 February 2019

Resolved: the minutes were approved, proposed by Cllr Philip Davies seconded by

Cllr Jayne Brace.

1782 To receive Declarations of Interest in accordance with the council’s Code of Conduct

(and section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992)


1783 Clerks Report

  • John Rees (BCBC) advised that the Litter/Dog bins should now be in place except for the one for the footpath near Fords. Residents in Glenwood Close have complained over the siting of the new bin on the roundabout. This was discussed and the Chairman will be having an on-site meeting with John Rees to look into alternatives. Councillors expressed their view that the bin is in the right place in order to achieve the objective of keeping the village tidier and not an eyesore so were disappointed with the response from the residents of Glenwood Close.

  • The Dog Fouling plastic signs have now been fitted to lampposts and bins around the village.

  • The Clerk wrote to the Governors of Coychurch Primary school and Mrs Hurry the Head Teacher to see if the school can be used again for the Summer School organised by Leanne Rowlands, Wellbeing Manager Play & Family Support. We await a decision by the School Governors.

  • We are still awaiting delivery of a Defibrillator and Cabinet from Welsh Hearts for the Waterton Estate. The clerk will chase this up.

  • A large planter has been delivered and is to be sited at Manor Drive. The two smaller planters already there will be moved to the sides of the bench opposite. Soil and flowers to be purchased by Bruce Nash through Gardening Society and charged to CLCC.

  • The Clerk attended the Website Administrator training on Friday 8th March and will welcome any suggestions for additional content.

  • Letter received from Welsh Government advising that funding of £35,000 is available to help councils who are considering options for joint working.

  • Notification received from One Voice Wales that the next Area Committee Meeting will take place on Monday 15th April 2019 at 7pm at the Lesser Hall Cowbridge Town Hall. Cllr Davies will be attending.

  • Notice and Plan Ref. PC1_121218 in respect of the proposal to include the Salt Lake Car Park Porthcawl within the Bridgend County Borough Council (Off Street Parking Places) (Civil Enforcement) Order 2013. Comment deadline is 23rd March 2019.

  • Notification received that the Assembly Commission is proposing a new law to renew democracy in Wales. It will empower 16 and 17 year olds to vote at Assembly elections. For more information on the Bill visit

  • The Clerk contacted BCBC and PSCO Sam Dance regarding the cars parking directly opposite to the east entrance to the village. These cars are left there in a dangerous position with for sales signs on them. When the PSCO investigated there were no cars there. They will be contacted again when next cars are parked for sale on the slip road.

  • Emails forwarded to councillors include:

One Voice Wales forthcoming training dates, circulated on March 5th 2019

One Voice Wales – Innovative Practice Awards Ceremony, circulated on March 3rd

1784 Vacancy on the Community Council

There has been one letter of interest. Final date for applications is

19 March 2019.

1785 Vacancy on the Town & Community Forum

This meeting is held quarterly at 4.30pm. Discussion about who would attend and it was agreed to share the attendance between the councilors on a rotation basis. The clerk will let the members know the date.

1786 Review of Electoral Arrangements for Bridgend County Borough

The review has recommended that Coychurch Lower join Brackla East to even out the number of residents for Borough Councillor representation. This review has not taken into account the effect of the proposed building of houses in Waterton and resulting increased population over the next few years for Coychurch Lower. Cllr Venables informed the Council she will be meeting with the Councilors on the Brackla Community Council to discuss their response to the merger.

It was agreed that the Community Council would respond to BCBC to state our concerns regarding the changes which are short term in view of the new development due to be built in Waterton and that they felt this should be taken into account in the review rather than further changes needing to be made when the houses were built.

1787 Coychurch In Bloom 2019 Competition

This will be sponsored and organized by the Council and announced in the Chronicle, on the website and around the village. A judge has been confirmed and rules agreed.

Coychurch Gardening Society are hosting the judge at an open evening on 17 April 2019

1788 To deal with matters concerning the Police

No report had been received and the Councillors expressed their disappointment. Clerk to follow up.

1789 To consider any Planning Applications


P/19/85/FUL L. Fletcher and S. Nash 41, Glenwood Close Coychurch. Raise height of roof and add front & rear Dormers;

P/19/96/FUL Mr. J. Turner. Y Nyth off A473 Coychurch. Retention of two storey side extension.

P/19/97/FUL Gravells Limited David Street BIE. Change of use from general car park to parking of motor vehicles for display & sale.



The Coychurch Lower Community Council is concerned that the Industrial Estate already suffers from illegal and dangerous parking particularly on David Street. So, to reduce the amount of parking available in this area will only make matters worse for the estate overall. We cannot see any provision for customer and staff parking which will be displaced by this change.


P/19/40/APN Mr. P. Evans Maes Y Delyn Main Road Coychurch. Prior notification for a replacement barn to store Hay and Farm Machinery. – Approved

A/19/2/ADV DST Inovations Ltd Morien House BIE. Digital Screen on North facing elevation. – Cond Consent (advert)

1790 Road Safety issues

It was noted that some footpaths are being overgrown by residents’ hedges and people need to move onto the road to avoid them.

Cllr Davies will arrange a meeting with BCBC to discuss a way forward to tackle this.

1791 Footpaths and Rights of Way

    • An email has been received from Mr. Gareth Jones advising he has walked some of the footpaths and no major issues were identified.
    • Andrew Mason of ROW was contacted requesting 3 marker posts for the footpath crossing and around the Golf Course. He has queried the number required and an on-site meeting is to be set up.
    • Three footpaths have been cleared of obstructions and tidied up.
    • An update has been received regarding the current situation with diversion/reopening of footpath at Coed-ty- Isaf Farm

BCBC have advised that the Council will now be looking to take enforcement action against the landowner to reopen the footpaths on their current definitive alignment.

1792 Matters concerning the Borough

Councilor Venables advised that the BCBC Budget had been agreed with some items requiring further consultation

1793 To consider any donations to be made by the Council

The Council considered two requests for donations:

Pencoed Comprehensive School drama group for help towards the cost of their show – declined unanimously

Coychurch Primary School PTA for help towards an Easter Egg hunt for the children of the village – approved unanimously – donation of £86 to be made.

1794 Finance – 2018/2019 Precept

Overall spending remains within the Precept total. The play park grant of £950 remains in reserve.

1795 Approval of the Schedule of Payments February 2019

Resolved: The payments were approved and signed

1796 To deal with any such business as the Chairman may direct

The Chairman shared a suggested poster and proposed set of rules for the Coychurch in Bloom 2019 Competition.

1797 To receive matters brought forward by the Public

No members of the public in attendance

1798 Date of the next Council Meeting 9 April 2019 7.15 pm

The meeting closed at 8.14pm

Signed Chairman______________________ Date: _____________

Signed copy available to view at the Council Office, Williams Memorial Hall, Coychurch, CF35 5HB

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