Council Minutes April 2019

9 April 2019
Council Meeting Room, Williams Memorial Hall

Present: Cllr Helen Evans (chairman), Cllr Penelope Gwillian, Cllr Robert Hyde, Cllr Jayne Brace

1799       Apologies for Absence: Cllr Philip Davies (charity bike ride), Cllr Richard Smith (work commitments)

1800       Declarations of personal, prejudicial and financial interest from Members/Officers in accordance with the Code of Conduct
There were no declarations.

1801       Ratification of the Minutes of the March Meeting
The minutes from the meeting on 12th March 2019 having been previously circulated were proposed, seconded and then signed by the Chairman.

1802       Clerk’s Report

  1. Dog Bin in Glenwood Close has been relocated. Dog bin on the Bryn Road still to be fitted.The Chairman shared an email from a resident thanking the Council for acting to provide dog waste bins and signs
  2. The Defibrillator and Cabinet from Welsh Hearts for the Waterton Estate has been delivered. The electrician, Mr Steinz has been instructed to deal directly with Mr Harding-Evans about a suitable time to install them. Following the fitting of the defibrillator in Waterton the clerk will order another for positioning outside the Primary School.
  3.  The 2nd large planter has been sited and planted up at the entrance to Manor Drive. The two smaller planters have been moved to the sides of the bench opposite. Soil and flowers were purchased by Bruce Nash and charged to CLCC.
  4. We have an offer of a planted up wheelbarrow to be sited near the old telephone box location to add colour in a novel container. The Coychurch Gardening Society will maintain the “planter” if the council will pay for the initial filling with compost. The society has plenty of plants available so can plant the container without cost to the Council. The Council accepted the offer with the proviso that it might be moved to another location at a later date.
  5. BCBC Trading Standards have been contacted regarding the cars parked directly at the east entrance to the village.
  6. Three planning applications received. See Planning Report.
  7. Notification of proposed alterations to parking/stopping/loading in the Bridgend area has been received and maps are available for residents to view in the office.
  8. Quotes are being collected for dealing with the pampas grass near the entrance to the Play Park. So far 2 options, one in line with an eco-friendly approach and one not:
    a. £120 to cut down and £10 a time to trim during the year to keep it tidy/under control;
    b. estimate of £600 plus to dig out the plant which has excessively long roots and make good the raised bed.
    The clerk will follow up on the ownership of the raised border overgrown with Pampas grass to determine whether the Community Council can proceed to tidy this up/remove it.
  9. A “Coychurch Community” logo has been produced and the clerk is asking for the councils instruction as to when, where and if this logo (or any other) should appear on official documentation. It was decided that it should not appear on official documentation as it does not directly refer to the Council.

1803 Town and Community Councils Forum
Cllr Robert Hyde will be attending the meeting on the 7th May.

1804 Coychurch in Bloom 2019 Competition
The Coychurch Gardening Society will be hosting the judge for this even on 17th April 2019. Following this the judging criteria and logistics of the judging          process will be finalised and publicised.

1805 Police Report
No report received. The clerk will follow this up to discover why this has happened again.

1806 Planning Report
3 new planning applications have been received. One application from March has been granted condition consent.

P/19/140/FUL – Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales. Development of a Police Learning Centre, gymnasium, site regrading, access, car parking and associated works
A/19/9/ADV – 2 Kestrel Close Bridgend Industrial Estate CF31 3RW, Unilluminated sign to rear of building
A/19/10/ADV – Engenie Ltd, The Cherry Laurel Bank Buildings Access Road Bridgend Industrial Estate CF31 3RY. Signage associated with the electric vehicles charging points

P/19/85/FUL L. Fletcher and S. Nash 41, Glenwood Close Coychurch. Raise height of roof and add front & rear Dormers; – Conditional Consent
No Decision as yet.
P/19/96/FUL Mr. J. Turner. Y Nyth off A473 Coychurch. Retention of two storey side extension.
P/19/97/FUL Gravells Limited David Street BIE. Change of use from general car park to parking of motor vehicles for display & sale.

1807 Footpaths Report
The Council instructed the clerk to contact Rebecca Brough to come and talk to councillors about how we can publicise our local footpaths and encourage residents to use them

  1. Current situation with diversion/reopening of footpath at Coed-ty- Isaf Farm: No changes notified.
  2. Emailed letter received on 3rd April and circulated to all council members regarding the “Temporary Closure of Footpath 19 Coychurch Lower”. This will be from May 14th 2019 for up to 6 months
  3. SLCC meeting had a presentation by Rebecca Brough from the “Paths for People Project” They provide financial assistance to create and publish leaflets about the local footpaths / Rights of Way as a means to encouraging the community to get involved in. Would the Council like to hear more from her? The Council instructed the Clerk to make contact with Rebecca Brough to arrange for her to come and talk about the Rights of Way and Footpaths around the Coychurch Lower ward.

1808 Co-option of a new member to the Coychurch Lower Community Council
It was agreed unanimously to issue a co-option letter to Mrs Kate Lloyd.

1809 Approve the Schedule of Payments for April
Payment of £86 to the Coychurch School PTA and Friends as per minute 1790, March meeting.

1810 The RFO Report of Accounts for the year ending March 2019
The accounts were discussed and approved unanimously then signed by the chairman along with the bank accounts statements for the end of March 2019.

1811 Matters Brought Forward by the Public
No public present.

1812 Matters Brought Forward by Members

  1.  Cllr Gwilliam advised that the metal bin by the play park is disintegrating. The clerk will notify John Rees at BCBC.
  2.  Cllr Evans brought forward a request from the Coychurch School to hold their School Council meeting in the Community Council Office. This was discussed and it was agreed that this is generally a good idea. The clerk will follow this up with the School.

1813 Date of the Next Meeting
This will be on 14th May 2019 and will be the Council’s Annual General Meeting.

Meeting Closed at 7.50pm

Signed ___________________________________ Date _______________

Signed copy available to view at the Council Office, Williams Memorial Hall, Coychurch

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