Best Front Garden Competition – August 2020

Coychurch Front Garden Competition

This year’s winner is 33 Meadow Close.

From the judge, Mrs Paula Wilson:
I was delighted as Chair of Coychurch Gardening Society to be asked to judge your Community Council organised ‘My Garden is a Picture’ competition 2020. I did so on Saturday 1st August between 11am and 4pm, together with my husband who is also a keen gardener and Mabyn Thomas your Clerk to guide us around the village.

I was truly impressed with the colour and condition of the entire village, the gardens, the new colourful lamp post hanging baskets, hall pots, many roadside planting areas and the very inviting roadside seating areas with boxes. All so well maintained.

As we walked, it quickly became apparent there was so much more to see. I saw outstanding window boxes, beautiful hanging baskets, many stunning individual plants and gardens with seating areas. I presumed created so villagers could socialise during lockdown. It also became clear that Coychurch villagers love hydrangeas, there were so many of them looking their best this time of year. So with permission of the Community Council I have added new categories for 2020, just for fun, but importantly to reflect the outstanding efforts of the village.

1ST 33 Meadow Close – outstanding small garden, beautiful perennial planting, so well maintained, surrounded by colourful pots to side.  A  truly  beautiful picture!
2ND 8 Grange Crescent – a beautifully designed and maintained perennial cottage garden, with pond, wood and stone features all complimented with a hanging basket.
3RD Cherry Croft  a vivid display of outstanding Dahlias, beautifully maintained, surrounded by the most immaculate hedge.
Highly Commended
Milton House – I loved this ‘secret garden’, a small entry point but beyond I viewed a beautiful cottage garden, with seating and heard the sound of water.
14 Glenwood Close – wonderfully maintained mixed cottage garden, lawn and window boxes
13 Manor Drive – simple by design, beautifully maintained, wonderful Festuca grass
39 St Mary View – lovely planting, immaculate, lovely dark blue Agapanthus
19 Duffryn Close – simple, superb, immaculate
36 Meadow Close – simple, immaculate, colour coordinated
9 Brynffrwd – beautifully maintained perennial planting, scented Stocks and wall boxes
4 Grange Crescent -beautiful Geraniums and Mallows
1 Heol Cae Tyla – immaculate

Further Results: 

1ST  19 Meadow Close – many beautiful  apricot coloured baskets
2ND  1 Brynffrwd Close – simply stunning  hanging baskets
3RD   Melrose House – beautifully coordinated baskets and boxes
Highly Commended (no order)
14 Glenwood Close – window boxes
Duffryn House – beautiful colour scheme, central baskets
26 Duffryn Close – stunning baskets and boxes, all co-ordinated
36 Glenwood Close – simple, small and sunny but I so wanted to enter and sit
Highly commended (no particular order)
3 Park View –  slightly hidden, it reminded me of a Mediterranean garden
30 Bryn Road – beautiful delicate Crocosmias
30 Glenwood Close – immaculate
6 St Marys View – simple with sheep
10 Brynffrwd Close – colourful, sunny, begonias a feature
40 Meadow Close – quirky and inviting,  with pots and  planting for birds, bees and butterflies
1ST Cherry Croft – Superb quality large Dahlias and immaculate hedge
2ND 24 Glenwood Close – amazing 3+m high sunflowers
3RD 3 St Mary View – beautiful rose borders
Highly Commended  (in no order)
St. Elmo, Main Road – Red Dahlia
3 Church Terrace -Hydrangea
2 Ruthin Court – Hydrangea
8 Bryn Road – spectacular red Acer
6 Bryn Road – Fuschias
8 Glenwood Close – blue Hibiscus
46 Glenwood Close – claret speckled Petunias – never seen before
2 Manor Drive – Hydrangea
20 Duffryn Close – Dahlias
3 Church Terrace – Hydrangea
5 Duffryn Close – pots and Roses
34 Meadow Close – Hydrangea
20 Brynffrwd Close – Roses especially orange Rose
‘The Grange’ – truly beautiful long external wall planting, I so wanted to see inside!
70 Glenwood Close – the MOST amazing manicured lawn in the village
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