About the Hall

williams memorial hall coychurch

The Williams Memorial Hall was built in 1920 by Mrs Rose Williams in memory of her husband Mr Arthur John Williams.

In the 5th June 1923 a Deed of Conveyance was completed between Mrs Williams and the original trustees, Eliot Williams, Daniel Arnott, The Revd. Fredrick Williams Ezra Jones Rees Rees and Thomas Evans, the then Parish Council..

The Hall and land was thereby held in trust for such purposes for the benefit of inhabitants of the Parish of Coychurch as the Trustees may think fit.The Trustees were also responsible for the good management and maintenance of the Hall.

The Deed was enrolled in the Central Office on the 19th February 1924. Further to this the Scheme of 11th December 1936 formally appointed the then Parish Council of Coychurch Lower to be the Trustees of this Charity.Since 1974 this now reads Coychurch Lower Community Council.

The Council has been appointed as a body corporate, which is a body of persons who are legally authorized to act as a single individual. It is therefore the Council who has been appointed as Trustees and not the individual Councillors. There is a Chairman of Trustees who is the Chairman of the Community Council and decisions are democratically taken following discussions at meetings of the Hall Trustees. However the Trustees still act has one body when executing their decisions.

There is a Clerk to the Trustees who also acts as Hall Manager and who reports directly to the trustees.

The Williams Memorial Hall is a registered charity under the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The Hall’s charity number is 246245.